The Sniffspace Family Value

Everyone that uses Sniffspace is part of an extended doggy and human family with 1 common goal - To improve the lives of our furry companions. With this in mind we want everyone in our family to respect each other, their rights, religions and preferences. Below are a few things to remember when using Sniffspace.

  • Communicate - If you get to a spot and something isn’t right please let the Host know and also let us know at support and we can quickly sort it.
  • Bullying - We have a zero tolerance to any kind of bullying or discrimination. Every person and every dog is different. They have different traits, features and triggers. We will not tolerate any person or dog feeling unwelcome in their chosen spaces due to any of these factors.
  • Leave no trace - When you leave your Sniffspace you shouldn’t be able to tell you were there. Place toys back in their box. Pick up waste and dispose of rubbish. Close all gates and respect the neighbours on the way out.
  • Respect everyone - When you arrive and leave space you’ll be in someone else's neighbourhood. Please respect that people live in the house attached to the space so be respectful.
  • Lastly - Leash laws - On your way to and from your safe space please ensure your dogs is leashed at all times. Fido may have perfect recall, but you never know what little bunny is hiding in the bushes out the front.

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