General Space Rules

Sniffspace is a place where dog lovers and dog owners come together for the betterment of our canine companions. Hosts are more than happy to help dogs have fun in a safe and secure environment and respect your decision to lease their space.

Respect goes both ways. Below are some general rules of thumb for using a Sniffspace:

  • Please walk the property with your dog before assuming it’s safe or allowing your dog to roam free.
  • Please pick up after your dog and dispose of all rubbish into provided bins, or remove with you from the property if bins are not provided.
  • Remember you are in someone's backyard, show the same respect that you would in your own yard.
  • Do not let your dog chew or destroy furniture within the space.
  • Please stay within designated areas. You are not permitted to enter any dwelling without the permission of the host.
  • Please arrive and leave on time. This will avoid any unnecessary interactions with other Sniffspace users.
  • Most importantly, sit back relax and let your pup enjoy their time safely and securely.