Can I ask a question before I book a space?

Absolutely you can! We know that many people will have extra questions they'd like answered by our hosts before booking a space so we've made it super simple for you to do.

Here's how to ask questions before booking your space:

  • Login to Sniffspace
  • Head to the space you'd like to ask a question
  • On the right-hand side underneath the big green "Book now" button you will see your host details and a "Contact 'host name' "
  • Click on the link, this will open up a question box. Ask away...

How to find your questions in your account:

  • Login to Sniffspace
  • Head to My account on the right
  • Scroll down past "My messages" and you will find "My questions"

**Please note - Questions are a 1-at-a-time function. So you can't have a back-and-forth conversation here. This is for if you need to ask a specific question to the host before you book. Once you book, you will then see your "messages" tab open where you can have a back-and-forth chat with your host if required.