Is there a Cancellation and Credit Policy?

The quick answer is yes.

If you need to cancel your booking for any reason you will be eligible for a full credit as long as you cancel at least 3hrs before your booking time. We do not issue refunds into bank accounts, your credit will sit in your "My financials" tab for future bookings.

There are a few additional reasons that a guest can request a full credit of the booking fee for a space.

If your host cancels - Unfortunately, there are always those rare occasions where something unforeseen happens and a host may need to cancel a booking. In this situation the guest will be emailed and full credit in the form of a credit of the booking price will be approved.

If a guest needs to cancel - if there is a genuine issue that prevents you from utilising your Sniffspace for your intended activity you may cancel. ***Please be aware that you must cancel at least 3hrs before your booking time to be eligible for a credit.*** 

To be eligible for a refund in the form of credit you must fall into one of the below categories:

  1. Access - If you arrive at your space and the host has not granted you easy and safe access to your space.
  2. Misrepresentation - If the space has been misrepresented eg. it does not have the fencing, amenities or size or is not as described.
  3. Danger - If the space is unclean, there is debris or dogs, other animals and/or people in the space preventing you from using it.
  4. Unforeseen weather event - If you’re on your way and a lightning storm rolls in preventing you from safely being out in the open with your dog.
  5. Cancel your booking with more than 3hrs notice.

If you encounter any of the above issues as a guest you may request a full credit by contacting us through support.  Please ensure that your email includes any relevant information and photographic evidence if needed.

We will require you to respond to any requests from us for additional information and a refund will not be issued if it is deemed that you have directly or indirectly caused the original issue. 

Before submitting your credit request please make sure you have made a reasonable effort to contact and resolve the issue with the host and please keep all email trails between you and the host as this may be required in order to grant your credit.

Credits may take up to 3 days to appear in your account. You may only use a credit for a future booking. No credits will be refunded at any time, even on cancellation of a Sniffspace account. All credits have a 12mth expiry.

Credits will automatically be used on your next booking and any further value will be deducted from your nominated card.

E.G. You have a credit for $20.00 and you book a space to the value of $30.00. The credit will be used and a value of $10.00 will be deducted from your account.