Host Do’s and Don’ts

Becoming a Sniffspace host will be one of the most rewarding things you can do for your doggy community. As part of our extended pack, we want to make sure you and your guests have the best experience possible. Please read our list of Do’s and Don’ts of becoming a host:

  1. Create a true and accurate representations of yourself and your space
    • Do upload a clear image of yourself
    • Do give a description of yourself and your space that is descriptive, accurate and contains all the information a potential guest will need to make a clear and informed decision as to whether your space is suitable for their fur child.
    • Don’t upload an abstract image that does not depict yourself or your space
    • Don’t advertise non-Sniffspace services at your space
    • Don’t misrepresent the size or facilities of your space.
  2. Make sure your space is private and safe
    • Do Own your Sniffspace - All Sniffspaces must be within a private residence. We do not allow the advertising and listing of parks, council grounds or someone else's property
    • Do accurately describe your fencing
    • Do list all potential interactions with people or animals at your space
    • Do allow full uninterrupted access to your space
    • Do inform your neighbours of your listing
    • Don’t allow any person or animal to enter your space while a guest is present
    • Don’t misrepresent your fencing or security
    • Don’t list a property that is not under your full control
  3. Communicate effectively
    • Do respond to all requests from guests
    • Do be as flexible as possible
    • Do open up your calendar for as long as possible
    • Don’t ignore emails coming from guest or Admin
    • Don’t cancel bookings unnecessarily

Sniffspace is all about the dog community, but to continue helping them, we need to help each other. Make sure your neighbours, friends and family know that you’re participating so they can be aware that dogs may come and go and can let you know of any issue straight away.

If for some reason you do not agree or cannot adhere to our do’s and don’ts you may be removed from the Sniffspace platform.