Interaction rules with guest dogs

We know you love dogs!! And because of that we also know that you want every dog coming to your space to feel comfortable and have a great time.

In Australia over 40% of our dogs present with anxiety or reactivity. On top of this there would be many more that can be a little unpredictable in a strange place. This anxiety can cause a whole range of reactions including barking, pulling, jumping, lunging and even biting.

Sniffspace was built to ensure that all dogs can find a safe space where they can relax without the triggers they find in the outside world.

To ensure we keep spaces safe for all dogs we request that you adhere to the following guidelines when guests are booked into your space:

  • Be very clear - When you 1st upload your space, add as much detail as possible about any dogs or people that may be visible or audible at your space during visits.
  • Any dog, or other domestic animal that resides at the residence MUST be kept indoors and non-visible (close blinds, curtains etc) and where possible remain non-audible so as not to disturb your guests.
  • When your guest arrives they should have private access to your space and we request that listers do not approach the dog or owner unless this has been pre-arranged before their visit. 
  • Any household members or visitors to your home while there are paying guests must adhere to the same rules as the host. 
  • Before a guest arrives, please make sure you have all doors, gates etc closed and ready for off-leash fun. 

Thank you for following our guidelines and ensuring a safe space for all dogs to play and interact off-leash