How much should I charge for my space?

As a space owner (Host) you have the ability to set your own pricing. There are a few main things to consider when it comes to making sure you are priced competitively, but not under-priced.

What is the base price in your area?
Take a look at other spaces in your area of comparable size. Our suggestion is your base price should not be lower than $25.00 per hour for the 1st dog. Some families may have multiple dogs so we have allowed for this with automatic discounting 50% of the 2nd dog and 75% of every dog thereafter.

How big is your space, and is it fully fenced? 
Guests will assess your pricing based on key factors such as how big your space is and if it is fenced. EG. A ¼ acre block with secure fencing will list at a higher price than a piece of land with no fencing.

What amenities do you have?
If you have a space that offers extra services such as a dam, table and chairs, pet shower etc you need to think about the value of that to a guest when you list.

Can you provide a trigger free environment?
Those puppy parents looking for a safe space for their anxious or reactive dog will want specific spaces with no present triggers such as contactless entry and no dogs or people audible or visible. These can be great selling points for your space, so consider using these options and ensuring everyone is non-audible or visible at the time of booking.

When you first list your space you may want to be slightly cheaper to get your first few bookings and reviews to make your space more attractive to others.