Who can Host a space?

If you have a space, you have the potential to earn money. We hope to have all sorts of spaces, from small lush yards, to acreage properties and everything in between. Any space is useful for a Sniffari! We just ask that you take a look at our criteria for hosting:

  • You must be over the age of 18 to register and list a space 
  • You must own, or be in full control of who enters your private space.
  • You need to provide access to your space without entering your main residence (eg. through a side gate)
  • Your space cannot have any hazards within it, such as debris, broken furniture or choking hazards such as old toys. Also ensure your space does not contain anything that could be poisonous to a dog such as certain plants.
  • No people, dogs or other animals. Your space needs to be free for the use of all dogs, and some dogs will not react well to people and other animals in their space. We know you may have your own dog, but if you list your space he or she must be kept inside an non-visible during guest visits.

Within your listing you will have the ability to provide a full description of your space including images. Your space does not have to be fully fenced, but must be safe for visiting dogs. EG. If you are on a main road you must have secure fencing. Dog owners will want to know what level of fencing and security is in place to stop their dogs being in harm's way.

Most dog owners are using Sniffspace as they don’t want to be in a dog park with their loved pooch. They want a safe and secure area for just them and their dog. 

We allow you to describe your space and provide photos (see here for how to create great  photos) to educate dog owners on the kind of space you are providing. The space does not have to be fenced, but we have a field on our listings that tells dog owners whether the space is fully fenced, partially fenced or not fenced.