Our Vision

To create the largest privately owned, locally hosted off-leash park directory in Australia!

Thus improving the mental health of every dog by creating a network of Safe. Secure. Sniffari spaces all over Australia and New Zealand making it possible for all dogs and their owners to explore and play safely together.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people that own their own home make a passive income by renting out their backyard to those that need it, while improving the health and well being of our furkids and lower the stress levels of their owners. We also hope that we will have places all over the country so no matter where you are there will always be a secure off-leash yard just around the corner.

Why we created Sniffspace

The myths

Anxious and reactive dogs sure do get a bad wrap at times. They can be seen as aggressive, unpredictable and a handful, but as you would know if you love one of these special canines 99% of the time that is so far from the truth it's laughable.

The facts

Most dogs have specific triggers related to past experiences or simply how they think, they aren't robots, they are real, living beings with personalities, fears and frustrations and this is why
we created Sniffspace.

Our inspiration

Our Project Manager Rafferty (kelpie x) is one such dog. He is well trained, does agility, comes when called (well, unless there's a bird) but simply will never understand why a stranger wants to touch him, or why a dog has to play bitey face instead of just chasing a ball (because, let's face it there's nothing in life that's better than a ball!).

So, after many years of getting frustrated with the many unwelcome interactions in off-leash parks we decided it was time to create a complete network, all over Australia of Safe. Secure. Sniffari spaces that could be booked and enjoyed by all dogs, not just the anxious ones, without the stress of ill-mannered dogs, inattentive owners and bindi's, oh gosh the bindis!!!!

Our journey

So off Raff and I went to convince my business partner that all we needed were places to go where he could run off-lead, sniff till he dropped and all without the triggers, and the world would be a brighter place.

Well, Luckily, for Raff and I he had met Jignesh on many occasions and we had eventually trained him (Jignesh, not Raff) to interact slowly and politely and now they are best mates. Because of this exposure and the fact that he eventually saw the crazy loving dog I saw everyday, it wasn't hard for an open-minded, fun loving Indian to get on board with a crazy dog obsessed Aussie to create a one of a kind experience in Sniffspace.

Help us to create the largest privately owned off leash directory in Australia!