Delete User Profile and Data

We understand that circumstances change, and you might decide to part ways with Sniffspace. If you've made that decision, we're here to assist you in deleting your user profile and associated data, including your dog's information and past booking history. Please read the following information carefully to understand the process.

What Happens When You Delete Your Profile

When you request the deletion of your user profile, we will initiate a comprehensive process to permanently remove all your data from our system. This includes:


  • User Profile: Your personal information, including your name, email address, and any other identifiable details, will be removed.
  • Dog Data: Information about your furry friend(s), such as breed, age, and preferences, will be deleted.
  • Past Bookings: Any booking history associated with your profile, including booking dates, locations, and details, will be erased.

Important Considerations

  • No Recovery: Once the deletion process is complete, there's no way to recover your data. Make sure you've backed up any important information you might need in the future.
  • Logged Out Everywhere: You will be automatically logged out from all devices after the deletion process. This is an additional security measure.
  • Unfinished Bookings: If you have any ongoing bookings, they will be cancelled, and any applicable refund policies will be followed.
  • Feedback: We value your feedback. If you choose to provide a reason for your departure, it helps us improve our services.

Requesting Profile Deletion

If you're ready to proceed with the deletion of your user profile and data, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject line "Profile Deletion Request." Please include your registered email address and any additional information that might help us identify your account.