Well! This is how it works

Sniffspace was built by dog lovers for dog lovers to enable you to make a passive income off your yard whilst giving the dog loving community an alternative to the sometimes volatile environment of the off-leash dog park.

We all know there are some major downsides to dog parks and it's against the rules, and sometimes simply not safe to let your dog off leash in a local council park, so why not join the rest of Australia in renting a private, secure off-leash park hosted by neighbours, locals and dog lovers alike. It's simple to list, simple to book and even simpler to have fun with your furkid.

For the host

Simply set up an account, list your space and set your calendar. It really is that simple! Then, sit back and relax and earn a passive income from a yard that probably goes unused for most of the day while we all work.

Build an account
Build an account
Register your space
Set up your calendar
Add your extras like amenities, considerations and photos
Watch the bookings and $$ come in

For the guest

Jump on the site, add your postcode, search via a range of filters and book your next adventure. Have an anxious or reactive doggo? We have filters just for them so that you know that your next run won't have dogs and people present keeping everyone happy.

Build profile
Build your profile
Dogs profile
Add your dogs profile including behaviour traits
Search for your space
Book it and have fun