Trust & Safety

The trust between Sniffspace, our guests and their hosts is at the forefront of everything we do here. To ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience we have out in place a few safety measures that allow everyone the transparency and feedback systems they have come to expect in a digital world that overlaps the real world.

Secure payments through Stripe or paypal

Both Stripe and Paypal take your security seriously which is why we have chosen these 2 providers as our payment gateways. All details are kept private and payment is seamless. Always ensure you pay for your Sniffspace through us to ensure payment is received and sent.

Vaccinations/Titre test

Every dog that uses Sniffspace must upload a current Vaccination certificate or Titre test. This ensures that all dogs entering your space are vaccinated against the deadly Parvo Virus and protects your fur family.


As well as Vaccination, all dogs must be microchipped. This allows accurate recording of which dogs have been to your space at any given time, just in case.

360 degree reviews

Not only can a guest review your space, but you have the option as a Host to review your guest. This keeps everyone accountable for the cleanliness of a space and gives all hosts a way of seeing how their guest behaved at their last Sniffspace.

Secure Messaging

You can message the host / guest through our secure messaging ensuring open communication and an easy way to sort out details without breaching your privacy and having to give out personal emails or phone numbers. We encourage all users to utilise this system and never reveal your personal contact information.

Public liability insurance

We are proud to be the only Australian company to secure public liability insurance that extends to approved hosts.