How does our pricing work?

The Sniffspace pricing you see on the site is the price per hour for up to 2 dogs from the same family. This is the full amount you will be charged to take your dog to the space. Both dogs must be registered to the same profile. You will also see a charge for additional dogs. These are also from the same family. 

*Please note whether you have 1 or 2 dogs registered in your account the hourly price remains the same. 

EG. You book a space for 1hr for your 3 dogs that are $30 per hr and an extra per dog charge of $5. You will be charged $35.00. 

Alternatively, you book a space for 1hr for 1 of your dogs that is $30 per hr. You will be charged $30.00. There is no discount to take only 1 dog.

Other pricing scenarios:

- If you have more than 2 dogs you may see an extra charge for another dog to join you.

- If you only book a 30-minute slot this is charged at 75% of the hourly rate. 

- If you use the invite a friend feature, your friend will receive a 50% discount to join you on your sniffari.

All bookings will incur a $1 service fee to cover ongoing bank charges