Creating a successful Sniffspace: Best practices for space owners

Creating a successful Sniffspace: Best practices for space owners

Sniffspace is a unique platform created for dog lovers in Australia. It offers a safe and secure alternative to regular off-leash dog parks. The platform allows homeowners to rent their yards as fenced and private off-leash dog spaces. This provides a passive income opportunity for homeowners and creates a network of private dog parks across the country. Sniffspace aims to improve the mental health and well-being of dogs and their owners by offering spaces where they can freely explore and play without worrying about unwanted interactions. With easy listing options for hosts and convenient booking for guests, Sniffspace is revolutionising how dog owners enjoy their time with their furry friends. Whether you are a homeowner looking to earn extra income or a dog owner seeking a safe off-leash environment, Sniffspace is the perfect solution.

So, how do Hosts make the most out of the platform?

As a Sniffspace host, it is essential to provide a positive experience for visitors and ensure the success of your space. This blog will explore some best practices adopted by popular Sniffspace hosts, enabling you to create a thriving and loved dog-friendly environment.

Personalise the welcome: First impressions matter, especially for first-time visitors. Make it a point, when possible, to interact with each guest the way they need. A newcomer to your Sniffspace may like a quick tour, or a meet and greet. This gesture makes them feel welcomed and allows them to establish a rapport, answer any initial questions, and provide a brief orientation about the space.

Prompt and responsive communication: Timely and effective communication is key to building trust and a positive reputation. Respond to inquiries and messages from Sniffspace users as soon as possible, and within the platform. This promptness demonstrates your commitment to customer service and helps potential visitors feel confident in booking your space. It also means that they can find all past messages in the one place, making it easier for them to find correspondence from you.

Utilise the calendar effectively: Ensure the Sniffspace calendar accurately reflects your availability. Block off any days or hours when your space is closed to avoid confusion or potential overbooking. Regularly update the calendar to maintain accuracy and inform visitors of upcoming changes or events.

Amenities for dogs: To enhance the experience for the pups, consider providing essential amenities within your Sniffspace. Clean drinking water stations are a must to keep dogs hydrated during playtime. Additionally, having a selection of toys available for dogs to enjoy adds an extra element of fun and entertainment.

Cooling options for hot days: During warmer months, providing a water hose or spray system allows dog owners to cool down their pets, preventing overheating and ensuring their comfort. This simple addition can make your Sniffspace particularly popular on scorching days.

Comfort for dog parents: Remember the human visitors! A designated space for dog parents to relax, unwind, and watch their pups play makes a difference. Consider adding benches or shade structures.

Regular maintenance and cleaning: Maintain a clean and well-kept Sniffspace to create a positive and inviting atmosphere. Regularly inspect the area for any hazards, such as sharp objects or holes in fences, and promptly address them. Additionally, ensure waste disposal stations are readily available and regularly emptied to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

While not all-inclusive, these are some of the best practices to create a successful Sniffspace that attracts and satisfies dog owners seeking a safe and enjoyable play environment. Remember, personalisation, prompt communication, and attention to detail are key to providing an outstanding experience. Through continuous improvement and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can establish your Sniffspace as a sought-after destination in the dog-loving community.

Disclaimer: We are not vets or trainers, just passionate people that own reactive or anxious pups. The above are accounts of what we do and how they go for our canines. We hope some of them are helpful for you.

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