Keeping your pups amused during rainy winter weather

Rainy days and your dogs

Keeping your pup engaged during rainy days is essential for the general peace and happiness of the house. Dogs love being active, and on rainy days they are restricted from having their regular fun activities. Without the stimuli of their daily walks and the playtime they usually get, it is easy for them to get bored. And you will agree that having a bored dog in the house is not very conducive to your peace of mind. They can get loud and destructive, making being stuck at home during winter a very tiring time. As dog parents, it behoves us to keep our pups stimulated and out of trouble.

So how do we keep our fur babies entertained on a rainy day? We know how much energy they have, and they can probably tire us out faster than we can tire them out. The key is to keep their brain busy and mentally stimulated. Keeping their mind and body engaged will keep them happy, healthy and out of mischief!       

Activities to Keep Your Pup Busy

There are numerous ways to keep your dog occupied and cognitively active. The following activities are great on a rainy day:


Puzzles, Treat-Dispensing Toys, and Work-to-Eat Toys are some of the most popular toys. Provide your dog with a toy that will force them to think and move to get the kibble out, rather than a dish full of tasty kibble that will only last a few minutes. They keep your dog mentally stimulated by encouraging them to use their brain while eating. Without even realising it, your dog will grow tired and have fun simultaneously. Pet-safe toys are the most straightforward and efficient methods to keep your dog entertained indoors. Remember that every reward adds calories to your dog’s daily routine; visit your veterinarian before making significant dietary changes.

Shell game

The Shell Game is a simple problem-solving activity. Allow your dog to watch you place a treat in one of three cups, then shuffle the cups and encourage your dog to locate the goodie. It keeps your dog focussed and allows them to exercise problem-solving skills.

New Tricks

Adding new tricks to their repertoire can be fun and stimulating for your pups. Look for videos on new tricks your dogs can do on youtube. Learning new talents builds confidence and provides mental excitement for your puppies. All you have to do is follow the steps and reward the wins. Remember stimulating is your goal, so don’t get frustrated if they don’t learn or are slow to learn the new tricks. This one is all about fun and bonding.

Hide and Seek also known as scent trails

It is a fun game that allows your dog to use their great nose and hunting and tracking instincts. First, show your dog that you are hiding food in the room and let them find it. Once they’ve grasped the essence of the game, begin hiding the food while they’re not looking. You can eventually replace the food with a toy or even hide yourself.


Obstacle Courses

It’s a lot of fun to guide your dog through a course. This one requires a little more effort, but it is well worth it! Make a few obstacles out of chairs, a hula hoop, a ball, etc. Treats and lots of praise should be given to your dog whenever he overcomes an obstacle. It’s critical to customise the barrier to your dog’s physical abilities, ensure that it’s enjoyable rather than challenging, and never use anything you would not want him to jump on later, such as a chair or low table.

Home Spas

Turning rainy days into spa and pampering days will stimulate your dog while also allowing you to have fun and spend quality time with him. Improved circulation, a surge of released endorphins, and reduced stiffness are all benefits of stretching and massaging your dog.

Play Dates

Keep your dog entertained and active by inviting some of their friends over for a play session. Nothing makes them happier than a visit from their BFF (best furry friend)!

Doggy TV

Lay a blanket on the couch and have some family time. You can also cuddle up with your puppy and watch some TV. Children’s films and anything with a dog in it is sure to be a hit. Just avoid shows or movies that have loud sounds.

Staying at home doesn’t have to be a chore. Dogs thrive on interactive play and interactions with you, and we are sure that these entertaining exercises will keep their minds busy and active during rainy days! And for when it is not raining, sign them up for a Sniffari or set up a playdate with their best friends at their favourite Sniffspace. All the pups will love you for it!

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